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One of the most notable parts of Minecraft is mining wood. However, due to the game’s nature, it is necessary to “chop” the tree block by block. It is a slow process that can take too long sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. Since a while ago, it is possible to chop down trees from the bottom part without having to do it log by log. It will make the process more straightforward and less tedious for you to deal with.

The timber plugin was developed having this issue in mind. It will be easier for you to farm wood for all your future items upon installing the plugin.

Requirements and compatibility

The timber plugin is compatible with all Minecraft versions. As of now, it works on Minecraft 1.16 and Java 16. It doesn’t require any other plugin or file to work correctly.


The essence of the plugin has already been described. However, this section describes how it is meant to be used and what other features will be added to the plugin in the future.

The original plugin only grants the ability to chop down trees by breaking an individual block without any issue. However, please note that this will only be achieved using an ax. Although this is the only feature available in the current version of Timber, there will be more aspects added to it in the future. For instance, it will be possible to disable Timber temporarily.

Remember that, to break down the tree completely, all you need to do is chop the bottom part. After that, all of its useful blocks will go down for our use.

  • Notes:
    While you’re in survival mode, your ax will be damaged according to the number of blocks it broke on the tree. Be careful!


The only permission for this plugin is Timber.disallow. However, Ops will still be allowed to use all the features available in the plugin.

How to install

All you need to do is download the main file, drag it into the plugins folder and restart your server. Once you’re back into the game, you should be able to use the new function.

Other versions

The Timber described here is the “original” version provided by Bukkit Plugins. Although there are plans for more features for it in the future, please note that this hasn’t stopped users from developing their own versions.

There is a version available in the SpigotMC forum. This version complies with the same functions described above but also includes a couple of extra commands, “/timber reload” and “/timber settings.” The former allows you to restart the plugin, while the latter is useful to see the configurations for the plugin in the config.yml file.

Furthermore, there are four permissions available: “timber.*” grants the user access to all the permissions available.

  • Timber. use only allows the player to use the basic functionality of the plugin
  • Timber.reload allows the player to access the reload option for the plugin.
  • Finally, Timber.settings grants the user to see the permissions for the plugin.
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