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About Simple Sit

Sitting isn’t an option in vanilla Minecraft. However, ingenious creators have developed ways to make it a feature you can use in your game over the years. “Simple Sit” is part of the family of plugins that make this possible.

Although this plugin adds a simple feature, it may make your game experience a bit more entertaining in the long term. It isn’t complicated to use, and its aspects are straightforward, so you won’t spend too much time figuring out how it works.

If you want to make it possible to sit on your Minecraft server, we recommend installing this plugin today!

Requirements and Compatibility

Although this plugin has not been updated since 2017, it is known to work in Minecraft versions below 1.16.5. However, the “lay” feature is not compatible with recent builds, and the plugin hasn’t received a new update in quite a long time. This is the only problem the plugin presents – if you use it solely for sitting, you shouldn’t experience any issue.

Please note that all of the features included in “Simple Sit” work best in Minecraft from 1.8 – 1.11. Don’t use it along with the “MorePlayerModels” plugin, as it will cause conflicts.

“Simple Sit” v1.5.2 is compatible with the Bukkit and Spigot versions stated above. However, version 1.4.3 only works with the version it matches. Versions 1.4 and up to 1.42 only work in Bukkit and Spigot 1.9. Versions 1.3.5 and below work with MC 1.8.

You must have at least Java 7 for the plugin to work.

How to Install

You will be able to start configuring the plugin as soon as you finish the installation process. Here we list all the steps you need to complete to install it:

  1. Download the plugin (.jar file). Make sure you download the version that matches your server version.
  2. Drop the newly-downloaded file in your plugins folder.
  3. Once done, please restart your server.
  4. You should now be able to use the new features that this plugin has for you. You can also start modifying the configuration files if necessary.


As mentioned above, all this plugin does is adding a sitting feature to your Minecraft game. However, starting from version 1.6, it also includes a “lay” aspect accessible via a command, like the central feature.

This is what the plugin includes:

  • Any player with the “simplesit.sit” permission will be able to sit on any block without problems. All they need to do is type the “/sit” command.
  • The command “/lay” is available starting from version 1.6. It makes it possible to lay on certain surfaces. Unfortunately, it does not work in MC versions after 1.11.
  • The game will show messages based on its functioning. You can modify them all in the configuration file, as you can see below:
  • “sitDown” is the message that players will get once they sit successfully. You can change its color by using “&<color ID>.”
  • “sitFail” is the message players will get if they attempt to sit in impossible areas, like the air. You can change its color by using “&<color ID>.”
  • “sitUp” is the message that players will get once they stop sitting. You can change its color by using “&<color ID>.”
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