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About Silkspawners

Silkspawners is a plugin for Minecraft Java Version designed to comply with multiple functions related to the harvesting of mob spawners. The plugin will make it possible to “pick up” and “move” any mob spawner you wish. However, this brief description only demonstrates the essence of the plugin – there are tons of amazing features you’ll get to enjoy upon its incorporation into your system.


The only requirement for this plugin is using it with the Java version of Minecraft. Thus, any person can have access to this plugin without any other prerequisite. However, before going further, please note it only works on Minecraft versions from 1.8.X to 1.17.

Main functions

This plugin contains multiple features that work as sub-extensions to the main aspect. Here are some of the fantastic aspects you’ll get to enjoy by incorporating this mod in your game:

  • The plugin is compatible with all spawners available in-game. Moreover, spawners can be set up to a single creature type.
  • It is possible to craft each spawner individually. If you want a specific mob spawner, specific recipes are included too.
  • You may also use commands to seek support, change your current spawner (either insight or at hand), and get a new spawner on your hand. This last feature is now compatible with the offline mode.
  • Every time you make a left-click on a spawner, you’ll change its type. However, please note it will only be possible if it has a spawn egg. You can choose whether the action will consume it or not.
  • It includes support for permissions.

You can also enable or disable the auto-updater by modifying its status to “fals2 in the config.yml file.

If you have any other doubts about the plugin’s configuration, click here for more information. You can also visit this page to find a list of permissions, but please note that only Bukkit permissions are supported. It is highly recommended to use bPermissions.


  • /ss help – This command will display the help menu if you’re seeking support in a specific action.
  • /ss list|all – This command will display a list with all the available creatures.
  • /ss view – You can use this command to observe all the information about the chosen spawner.
  • /ss reload|rl – This command will refresh the settings files.
  • /ss change|set <newMob> – Using this command will trigger a spawner change from the one you’re holding or observing at the moment.
  • /ss give|add <player> <mob> [amount] – Use this command to give a specific spawner or egg to a determinate user. You’re free to set the amount.
  • /ss selfget|i <mob> [amount] – Use this command to receive a spawner or an egg. You’re free to set the amount.

Additional Information

This plugin is available in 13 languages. However, the list is slowly expanding as users can add their localizations at any time. In addition, you can find more information on our website about bugs, changelogs, and more useful information.

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