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About Residence

Are you on the hunt for a good protection plugin? Perhaps you may want to give a try to the “Residence” plugin.

This plugin works a bit different from what you’re used to in plugins of the same category, as it offers users total autonomy when it comes to protecting their homes. Thus, they won’t need an admin’s help to keep everything where it needs to be.

“Residence” is the base plugin, so it doesn’t contain too many features. However, it has several add-ons that can help you make your server a more entertaining place without overloading it with heavy additions.

Requirements and Compatibility

You’ll need to install “Vault” in your server before you can get started with this plugin. Otherwise, it won’t work at all. Moreover, please keep in mind that this plugin hasn’t been updated since 2013. Hence, it may not be compatible with recent Minecraft versions.

It is known to work smoothly only with Minecraft 1.6.2 and some versions below.
Although the plugin hasn’t been marked as abandoned, we doubt that it will receive updates at any time soon. If you have one of the versions specified above, it can be a good addition to your server, though.

How to Install

You can install this plugin by following the standard process. Here you have the steps you need to follow to get started with Residence.

  1. Download the Residence.jar file.
  2. Move it to your server’s plugins directory.
  3. Once done, proceed to reload your server.
  4. That’s it! You should be able now to start exploring the amazing features that this plugin has to offer.


As mentioned above, this plugin is meant to work as an autonomous protection solution that users can use without needing an admin’s help. However, as the base module, it won’t do too much on its own. You may want to take a look at the different dependencies it has so that you can expand the user experience people have on your server.

These are some of the “add-ons” that you can choose to include after installing this plugin:

  • Dynmap Residence – This Dynmap plugin will make all homes visible on a web map.
  • ResExtras – This add-on will allow you to control different things within your residence, including animals, snow, and other mobs.
  • Residence Fly – You can control “flying” within a residence with this plugin. If the player leaves, they will fall.
  • Residence Signs – This plugin will allow you to buy, sell or rent homes by using signs.
  • ResTown – Users can control the players that can build outside their homes with this add-on.
  • ResProtect – This plugin will make it possible to protect animals by utilizing flags.
  • ResCreative – Whenever you enter a residence, the “creative” mode will be enabled.
  • ResPerm – You can use this plugin to grant additional permissions to a player whenever they change residences.
  • SimpleClansResidence – Would you like to integrate this plugin with “SimpleClans”? Install this dependency.
  • Flags – It adds different types of flags to the game.

Please note that the plugin’s developer created not all of the add-ons mentioned above. Some of them may be extensions made by different users.

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