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About Random Teleport

It can be fun to move from a place to a completely different one in the blink of an eye. However, vanilla Minecraft doesn’t allow you to do so. However, you can always install the Random Teleport plugin if you feel like visiting different places within your world every time. It’s a pretty easy-to-use command that any person can figure out within a few minutes.

It will add a few features for regular players and other commands for administrators. It’s a simple plugin, so it shouldn’t have any performance repercussions on your server. Keep reading to find out what other things you can do with this plugin.

How to Install

You can install Random Teleport by following the standard installation process. Here you have all the steps necessary to get this plugin working in your server ASAP:

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Proceed to move it to your server’s plugins directory.
  3. Once done, please reload your server.
  4. That’s it! You should now start using all the new features that this plugin has in store for you. Please read below for more information about it.


  • The plugin’s main functionality is to allow players to teleport to random locations every time they use the command. Thus, the places will always be different.
  • Players can only teleport themselves to other locations. However, an administrator can choose to teleport a different player somewhere else if they feel like it.
  • You can use the settings command (see below) to modify how the plugin works on you in-game. This plugin can be used by regular players as well.
  • It’s also possible to set up signs that charge people to get teleported to different locations. All you need to do is set up a sign with the following text: [RTP] [RandomTP]. You can modify the amount of money the sign will charge the player when they use it. You must always dine what world the player will be teleported to while you’re setting it up.


The plugin includes three new commands for regular players and three extra commands for administrators. These commands are the following:

Regular commands:

  • /rtp – You can use this command to teleport to a random location within the current world.
  • /rtp settings – This command will allow you to edit your current settings.
  • /rtp <player> <blocks> <world> – This plugin will teleport the specified player within your world’s borders.

Admin commands:

  • /rtpa update check – You can use this plugin to determine if a new version is already available.
  • /rtpa update download [true/false] – If there’s an update available, you can use this command to download it automatically. If you type “true,” the plugin will restart once it finishes downloading the update.
  • /rtpa reload – You can use this command to reload the configuration files if necessary.


There are three new permissions available.

  • Randomtp.use – This permission will allow other users to use the standard command.
  • Randomtp.bypass – You can use this command to bypass the delay the plugin produces when using the standard command.
  • Randomtp.admin – Use this command to allow the player to access the administrator commands. It will also allow them to generate signs.
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