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About PvP Manager

Are you tired of using so many plugins into the PvP mode on your server? Do you want a plugin that brings you to another level with its amazing performance? Do not look further. There is an exceptional solution that will allow managing your PvP mode with only one plugin. With this tool, you can easily handle your servers.

The concept of all in one is present in this plugin that reunites the best characteristics of other PvP plugins in one, offering an amazing experience during the combat mode.

No more players escaping without punishment during combat. PvP manager includes several penalizations against players who try to skip the fight. The most remarkable characteristics include the protection of new players and avoid devastation with multiples kill. Also, PvP integrates the block of the commands of teleportation during the fight.

Requirements and compatibility

At this moment, there aren’t specific requirements to get started with the PvP manager plugin. Moreover, there are premium and free versions available. The Premium version will allow users to enjoy more advanced features like automatic respawn and NPC spawning. In the free version, users have continuous updates and the basic features of the plugin.


Certainly, the devs of this useful plugin developed several new features for the PvP mode. With the PvP manager, you will be able to get the following features with the plugin:

  • Block PvP with several penalizations
  • Alternate different commands or signals
  • Activate game modes such as fly, costumes, and invisibility mode at the moment to start the combat
  • Support to new users, PvP manager, offer protection to new users and prevent an attack when they join the game.
  • A new modality is available and allows the players an “auto-heal” they can consume soup automatically and heal the player.
  • Impossibility to escape to safe zones during the player is tagged
  • Unavailability to kill multiple times to the same player, this practice can be stopped.
  • Protect against respawning

Additional features are available to improve and take your game to the next level. These include:

  • Blood animation during the strike on the combat
  • A Player’s name can change its color during the combat
  • You receive money for deaths and execution of commands
  • Notify you automatic offline hack and continues to inflict punishments to the player disconnected

Technical Characteristics

Other tools are integrated into the PvP manager and are very useful. In general, the plugin is configurable in a very easy way. Present multi-world compatibility, which means it can be activated in several worlds, and you can also disable each of the different features one by one.

The potential of this plugin is constantly increasing in part because developers frequently are launching updates and resolving bugs that the players report. The configurable characteristics of the PvP manager allow the users to customize the game and the environment almost completely. You can change the language to your source language. In both versions, free and premium, the PvP manager brings excellent features in only one plugin.

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