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About ProtocolLib

ProtoclLib is a plugin that allows you to perform multiple actions related to the Minecraft protocol – including reading and writing accesses. ProtocolLib is intended to make your life easier, as it allows you to get to work certain plugins individually.

This plugin is in charge of all the overhead that reflection and channel injection need. Furthermore, it makes the packet modification even easier, allowing any user to use the plugin to their advantage at any given time. The plugin constantly receives updates, so if any dependencies exist, you won’t have to update each one of them for them to work as they should.

Requirements and compatibility

ProtocolLib is not a demanding component. It should work in all Minecraft versions – from 1.8 to 1.17. The native Minecraft version is 1.17. In the latest months, support for more versions has been added, as it now works with Minecraft 1.17.x and in Java 16 as well. Other than that, no real requirements are needed.

According to the developer’s note, one of the main purposes of this plugin is to be compatible with most Minecraft versions, which is reflected in the number of versions it works in without problems. Furthermore, its compatibility is such that it doesn’t have to be updated constantly – unless a bug is causing problems or there is a new feature you would like to use.


We’ve already described the essence of the plugin above. However, please note that when you use particular Plugins with ProtocolLib, their behavior changes and includes even better features. For instance, you can combine ProtocolLib with plugins such as:

  • Holographic Displays
  • FurnitureLib
  • AntiAura

Please note that any plugin can take advantage of everything that the plugin has to offer. The list of modules that use ProtocolLib gets bigger every day, which is why we recommend staying up to date with the release page.


You’ll be able to use the protocol command, which is a branched module that includes six other commands. For instance, the “config” command allows you to refresh the configuration file, while the “check” command will check if there’s a new version available at Bukkit Plugins.

There are three other commands.

  • Version – This allows you to see your current version of ProtocolLib.
  • Timings – This command lets you see how much CPU time each plugin has consumed.
  • Listeners – You’ll be able to see all the plugins using ProtocolLib. It also shows information about the packet types they’re using.

Additional Information

ProtocolLib is an excellent module that will help you extract the full potential of certain plugins. More plugins use this one to “expand” their functions than what we listed here – other plugins include Advanced Anti Cheat and Server List Plus.

Whatever you’re aiming for by installing ProtocolLib in your server, you can be sure that you’ll be able to do it quickly and easily. This plugin has been one of the best creations for Minecraft users.

If you would like to get more information about how this plugin works, we recommend visiting the release page at Spigot MC.

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