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About PixelPrinter

PixelPrinter is a fantastic plugin for those looking forward to creating specific pieces of art, images, or gifs into their server. The plugin utilizes blocks or maps to recreate these images, and it’s also capable of downloading specific pictures and gifs, accommodate them into an appropriate size so that you can create multiple pieces of media in your server.


There aren’t real requirements for this plugin. It works perfectly fine in any Minecraft version. But, please, be sure to become familiarized with the commands before you start using the add-on.


The description described above summarizes pretty well what this plugin can do. However, here you have more details about what the mood is capable of doing.

  • The plugin utilizes in-game blocks to create images, videos/movies, and pixel art pieces.
  • It is also possible to use it to produce skin statues.
  • As of now, it is compatible with JPEG, PNG, and GIF files.
  • It includes a custom resource pack support. Read below for more information about this feature.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Minecraft.

Also, please note that automatic updates are enabled in the default version of this plugin. If you don’t want this to happen, please go to the following directory: pluginsAUpdaterglobal.yml, open the global.yml file and edit the “update” script from true to false.

How to install

It isn’t complicated to start using this plugin. All you need to do is drop it into the correspondent plugin folder, restart the server, and you’ll be all set up.


Do you want to know detailed information about each command available in-game? Simply type /pp or /pixelprinter to access all the list of commands. Some of the most useful commands include:

  • /pp downloadimage <Filename> <url> – This command will download a file in one of the compatible extensions.
  • /pp preview – This command will produce a preview of the image you intend to create. However, it only shows the borders, so it is only recommended to use it if it causes conflict with any other blocks on the server.
  • /pp help – You can use this command to see the full list of commands and their correct use. It’s an excellent way of getting started with PixelPrinter.


All permissions start with the script “pixelprinter” followed by a period and the title of that specific permission. Example: pixelprinter.* allows the player all permissions described below.

  • .stop will allow a player to stop any gif currently playing.
  • .delete will allow a player to delete any image file found within the server.
  • .create will allow a player to create images while they’re in-game.
  • Finally, .download will allow a player to produce download images from any given URL.

Additional Information

As the last comment, you should know that this plugin utilizes bStats. This add-on allows the creator to track data and observe information, such as:

  • Servers that are currently using this and other plugins by the same user
  • The number of active players
  • Countries that use the plugins more frequently

However, please note that bStat doesn’t track any personal information, and all the information acquired is anonymized. Therefore, none of the data obtained can be linked to specific players or groups and is intended to give general info.

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