About OpenInv 

OpenInv is a plugin that allows you to easily see any player’s inventory or a chest for modification. In the newest versions, it also allows all of these actions for offline players. This plugin is a tool you can use to interact with any inventory in real-time, regardless of its status.

Accessing the inventory isn’t limited to the inventory. You will also be able to modify and see the armor slots.

With this plugin, it will be possible for you to add or withdraw items for any player’s inventory with ease, as long as there unused slots available. Moreover, it also includes the ability to open chests locked by other blocks without them making a sound or producing an animation. It’s an excellent tool you can use to personalize your server even further or moderate your players.

Requirements and compatibility

As of now, the plugin is compatible with Minecraft 1.17. You can always check out the GitHub page to see any updates regarding the compatibility. No extra requirements are needed to start using the plugin.

You can install the plugin by copying it to the plugins folder of your server. Once you’ve done that, please restart your server so the changes can work.


There are over ten features available on this plugin. Once you’ve installed it, you can use all of these actions or give permissions to other players to use them.

  • You can provide read-only permissions for the main commands – including OpenInv and OpenEnder. However, preventing other players from modifying other users’ inventories is possible by not granting the editing and editender permissions.
  • You don’t have to be next to a specific chest or player to modify the contents of the inventory. Distance and obstacles are not an impediment!
  • You will be able to modify all users’ inventories, even from those with offline players. Any specific chest can be accessed with the opening and openender chests. However, entering the command without any specification will open the last chest or inventory accessed.
  • It is also possible to protect everyone from misuse of the plugin. Make sure you don’t provide those permissions to anyone! This feature also includes a cross-world option. This protection is for all opening options.
  • It also provides self-opening protection in case you’re worried about committing any mistakes regarding your own items.
  • The “AnyContainer” command will help you open any container surrounded by specific obstacles.

Commands and Permissions

The new plugin will add seven new commands – each of which has aliases or shortened versions – and 15 permissions for you to use. For instance:

  • The /openinv <player> will open that specific player’s inventory. Then, you’ll be free to add or withdraw items as you please. On the other hand, the /openender <player> command does the exact same action for ender chests.
  • /AnyContainer allows you to bypass any container’s protection. For example, the/silentcontainer command allows you to access any chest without producing sounds or animations.

You can find a full list of permissions on this page. In addition, you can choose which permissions players should be granted and what others you should keep for yourself.

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