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About Multiverse Portals

Multiverse Portals is a plugin that works as an extension of the main module, Multiverse Core. As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to manage portals even further. The main plugin was created as a tool for multiworld management. This plugin, in particular, is one of the three extensions that are currently available, along with NetherPortals and SignPortals.

The Multiverse Portals nodule will allow you to manage how users use the portals you make available in your plugin will ease. It also includes other cool features – such as launching players through the air whenever they enter a portal created by the plugin.

Requirements and compatibility

Before you proceed to install the Multiverse Portals plugin, please verify that the core plugin and the other extensions are equal. Furthermore, Multiverse-Core is necessary for this plugin to work.

How to install

  • First, download the main file from the Bukkit Plugins release page. You may also choose a developer build, but please note that these versions are not official and may cause unexpected problems.
  • Once you’ve selected the build you’d like to install, please proceed to upload it to your plugins folder.
  • Refresh your server, and you’ll be ready to start using Multiverse Portals!


This plugin is an extension of the main module, Multiverse-Core. It adds multiple functions that are directly related to how the users present in your server interact with the portals you’ve created. Let’s see:

  • It’s possible to forbid users from going through specific portals with permissions.
  • You may also use the in-game currency to charge users every time they want to use certain portals.
  • You can also make all users exempted from the portal fees mentioned above.
  • It’s possible to permit minecarts and boats to pass through any Multiverse Portal present in your server.
  • Whenever a player enters a portal, launch them through the air!

How the plugin works

The portals you create with this plugin work almost identically to how the standard Minecraft portals work. However, instead of taking you to the nether world, these portals can lead to any location you configure. It is also recommended to use Multiverse-NetherPortals for a more authentic experience.

Making portals

If you want to get started already, you should know that any combination of blocks can create a portal. All you need to get started is to create the standard portal frame. Once done, please use the following command: /mvp wand to start activating the portal frames. Follow these steps:

Make left-click on one of the portal’s corners. This will display a message telling you that the “first position has been set to….”

Proceed to make a right-click on a different corner. Again, the combination of both corners should comply with the whole structure.

Once done, you should be able to use different commands so it can be active and take you to a specific location. For instance:

/mvp create newportal w:world:se – This command will create a portal to a specific world. For more information, the Wiki page has all the information about the Create Command.

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