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About Manhunt

If you’re looking for a brand new mini-game for your Minecraft server, “Manhunt” may be a good idea. This plugin allows you to implement the mini-game of the same name in your server, where two teams will fight against each other, a concept we’ve seen in multiple other games.

It is categorized as a “hide-and-go-seek.” There will be two parties, “the hunters” and “the prey.” The latter will start ahead of the former as they will be allowed to gather materials and resources. On the other hand, hunters will only be allowed to play after the sun goes down, and they will try to eliminate all the players from the other team.

The game will finish whenever the last member of one team is defeated or if the time is up.

Requirements and Compatibility

“Manhunt” is a very old plugin. It hasn’t been updated in over seven years. Thus, it is unlikely to be compatible with the most recent Minecraft versions. Furthermore, as the plugin hasn’t been updated since 2013, you can only expect it to be compatible with MC versions below 1.7.

The project hasn’t been marked as abandoned, but it is unlikely to receive more attention.

How to Install

You will be able to start configuring the plugin as soon as you finish the installation process. Here we list all the steps you need to complete to install it:

  1. Download the plugin (.jar file).
  2. Next, drop the newly-downloaded file in your plugins folder.
  3. Once done, please restart your server.
  4. You should now be able to use the new features that this plugin has for you. You can also start modifying the configuration files if necessary.


This plugin allows you to add an entertaining PvP mini-game where everyone will have an opportunity to demonstrate what they’re capable of. Here are the most prominent features:

  • Hunters will have access to a prey-finding compass.
  • Insta-kills are now a thing in the latest build.
  • There will be two chat groups available: Team-only and General.
  • Hunters will not be able to see what’s going on during the pre-game setup to avoid cheating.
  • It is 100% compatible with Multi-world setups. However, bear in mind that it can only be used in a single world.
  • Spectators are now available in this game. They can choose to go through the battlefield invisible or “flying” through it.
  • Preset and customizable load-outs are now available since the 1.2 version.
  • The plugin will prevent mob spawning while it is active and the battle is happening.

The plugin has a few other features that are worth keeping an eye on. It is also worth noting that it only includes two commands that comply with the same function, “/manhunt” and “/m.”

Additional Information

This plugin is an excellent module, but it hasn’t been updated in too many years. However, suppose your server is running on a Minecraft legacy version. In that case, we recommend installing it if you want to enjoy a different mini-game than what vanilla Minecraft has to offer, especially in older versions.

If you don’t enjoy it, other similar plugins are out there that comply with the same functions.

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