About Lobbyapi 

Lobbyapi is a popular plugin dedicated to how the user interacts with other words and how worlds interact with each other.

It allows the player to teleport to a specific location in a given world and provides them with a fully customizable, user-friendly menu that easily allows you to see and select all the different options.

Requirements and compatibility

Lobbyapi is compatible with all the existing versions of Bukkit. Besides that, it is compatible with any plugin you may be using already. However, please contact us if you’re facing errors upon installing Lobbyapi.

Installation process

All you need to install the plugin is to download it from our page, drop it on your plugins folder; then, you must find or create another plugin that permits you to find your world. Then, finally, restart your server so that you can start using all of the amazing features.


Users can access any world by entering the commands /hub or /lobby. Using these scripts will immediately give them access to a customizable menu where they can select specific options related to moving from one world to another or how worlds interact.

The paragraph from above describes the plugin’s essence, but it also includes other features:

  • You can use it to teleport from a world to another quickly.
  • You will be able to see all the players active in the current world.
  • Players from Bungee servers can teleport from a server to another.
  • It connects with other plugins so that they can access whenever the user decides to teleport to a different world or clicks on another world via the customizable menu.

The latest addition to the list of features of this plugin is icon customization. It is now possible to personalize any material, descriptions, and other aspects for each available world.


There are over 14 different commands available, besides the ones mentioned above. For instance, /LobbyApi setDefaultWeather [world] [weather] allows you to choose between three weather options; you can select between “NORMAL,” “NO_RAIN,” and “ALWAYS_RAINING.” You can access the list of commands via the personalized menu.

Furthermore, the command /LobbyApi is extremely useful as it permits you to modify the properties of the LobbyApi.


As with other plugins, you can grant or activate permissions by typing “lobbyapi,” followed by a period and the title of the specific permission. For instance, lobbyapi.* grants all the permissions on the app.

  • .user grants all the permissions that each player should have. It is a great start if you are not sure of what people should be allowed to do.
  • .commands grants access to all the commands available in the plugin.
  • .hub only grants access to the /hub commands.
  • .bypassworldlimits allows players to enter private worlds or that are currently at maximum capacity.

Additional Information

As with all other plugins, bStats is included. This way, the developer can acquire data about how many players and servers are using his plugins, including other information like the countries where they are from. All of this information remains anonymous, however.

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