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About Holographic Displays

Do you want to create a more interesting game experience for you and the rest of the server? Perhaps you should include the Holographic Displays plugin on it. This plugin allows you to create fun holograms based on text or items. You can now create more entertaining adventures – or annoy your friends with them!


As of now, holographic displays is only compatible with Spigot from 1.8.3 to 1.17. It doesn’t include any other real prerequisite.

Installation process

As with any other plugin, all you need to do is download the main file from the website and then drop it on your plugins folder. Then, restart your server, and you should be able to use all the new features. Read below a brief tutorial on how to get started and some of the main features.


All the features that Holographic Displays has available are oriented towards the creation of holograms. They can be based on images, text, or even items. Thus, it will be possible for you to create even more entertaining environments and adventures.

Creating a hologram

The basics for creating a hologram are explaining here. After that, there are only three steps to follow:

  1. Type on the commands bar /hd create example. The “example” line refers to the name of that hologram in particular. You can choose to change it whenever you feel like it.
  2. Now that the hologram is “created,” type /hd addline example This is a Hologram, so the hologram displays this phrase. You can replace it with anything you want.
  3. Proceed to enter the command /hd removeline example 1. The “1” refers to the line number. This command will remove it.

Once done, a hologram displaying the phrase you choose should be visible. If you want to make the process more straightforward, use the line /hd create example. This is a Hologram to skip all the steps and create it immediately.

Adding colors

This plugin supports common colors written in the standard formatting. In addition, an animated rainbow color, &u, was recently added.

Creating floating items

If you want to create an item, you must use add the line ICON: <material> at the end of the command. For instance: /hd create example ICON: diamond

Displaying images

This plugin includes a special command you can use to render and display images. For starters, you must choose a picture and place it on the HolographicDisplays folder. Then, you must type the following commands in sequence:

  • /hd create example (you can replace “example” with any other word as it is the name of the hologram).
  • /hd readimage example <filename> 12 (replace the <filename> with the full name, including the extension, of the file. The 12 establishes the width for the hologram. Your configuration will define the symbols used to render the picture).

Moving holograms

It is possible to move any hologram you’ve created to your current position. To do this, type the /hd movehere <hologramtitle> in the commands bar. Then, replace the “hologramtitle” with the name of the hologram you’d like to move.

Delete a hologram

Type /hd delete <hologramtitle> on the commands bar to delete a specific hologram. Replace the last line with the name of the specific hologram you’d like to remove.

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