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About FastLeafDecay

Trees are one of the most important objects in Minecraft. In every aspect of your gameplay, you’ll need them to build different kinds of resources – from beds to actual weapons. Still, whenever you try to “chop” them, you may notice that their leaves won’t disappear as quickly as you’d expect.

Although tree leaves actually fall in Minecraft, they do so at a slow pace. However, this is a problem you can easily solve by installing the “FastLeafDecay” plugin. Whenever the leaves stop being connected to the logs, they will decay immediately.

There are tons of configuration options available, even if the plugin only adds an overly simple feature. Although the plugin comes with default settings, you can customize it to match your preferences.

Requirements and Compatibility

Support for this plugin has been provided since its creation in 2018. However, since we last got an update, a long time has passed, so it may not be available in the most recent Bukkit builds. Still, if you wish to try it, the MC versions it is currently compatible with are the following: 1.8.1, 1.13, and 1.15.

Still, according to the developer’s note, it may be compatible with newer builds as it users the modern block data to function.

The project hasn’t been abandoned, and it is likely to receive updates in the future. So stay tuned, and we’ll be sure to let you know when a new build is available.

How to Install

You will be able to start configuring the plugin as soon as you finish the installation process. Here we list all the steps you need to complete to install it:

  1. Download the plugin (.jar file). Make sure you download the version that matches your server version.
  2. Drop the newly-downloaded file in your plugins folder.
  3. Once done, please restart your server.
  4. You should now be able to use the new features that this plugin has for you. You can also start modifying the configuration files if necessary.


This plugin is meant to modify how leaf decay acts in your world. It doesn’t have to be something “tied” to a user’s doings, as the game also follows its normal course. Thus, these are the main aspects that this plugin includes:

  • Leaf decay will happen rapidly whenever a player cuts the tree stem or when natural decay occurs.
  • This plugin does not affect saplings and apples.
  • The leaf decay effect this plugin has will not affect user-placed leaves.
  • The plugin will play custom sounds and an animation whenever the leaves start to decay. Of course, you can turn off this feature.

If you’re interested in acquiring the source code, you can check out the GitHub page.

“FastLeafDecay” is a useful plugin if you want to make sure that the players present in your server are having the best experience ever. This feature may seem a bit trivial, but it can be vital and make everyone’s gameplay even richer.

If you haven’t installed it yet, we recommend you do so today so you can start enhancing your server!

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