About EssentialX 

EssentialX is a plugin that incorporates several in-game commands that allow you to include new features in your server, from economies to warps – to mention some. It is an excellent addition to your Minecraft server, as it will allow you to use new and better features than those you already have.

This plugin is a “sequel” to the original Essentials plugin. However, after the latter was discontinued in 2014, EssentialsX came up to cover this space. Since then, it has incorporated multiple new elements and upgrades that make it a complete module.

Requirements and compatibility

As of now, EssentialsX is only compatible with CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper. Therefore, the third option is the most recommended. Although it is possible to make the plugin work with other servers, please note that it may cause compatibility problems in the long term.

If you intend to use the prefix/suffix support, you should install Vault first.

How to install the plugin

  • First, go to your Multicraft page and stop the server.
  • Once done, go to the files tab and choose the plugin list.
  • Go to the “source” option, and change it to Bukkit. Once done, look for EssentialsX in the search bar.
  • Press install, and the process will begin.
  • Once the process has finished, you can resume your Minecraft server by pressing the green Start button.

Setting up EssentialsX

You don’t need to modify anything. Most users prefer to keep using the module with the default settings. Still, you should know that most of the features available in this plugin are customizable. If there’s something specific you would like to change, you’ll need to modify the config.yml file. The plugin’s page contains detailed information about each section and how you can modify them.

What does EssentialX include?

Once you start exploring the plugin, you’ll see tons of features. It may look a bit too complicated at first, but it isn’t. Here are the main aspects of this plugin.


  • Moderation – You can now perform multiple actions to moderate users, from kicking to ban players for a determined amount of time.
  • Teleportation – You can allow any player to warp from a location to another quickly. The locations must be predefined.
  • Kits – You can set up predefined equipment and other items from the inventory. Then, the players can claim them.
  • Economy – What isn’t good about adding some economy to your Minecraft server? It will add costs to the commands, shops/signs, and, of course, currency.
  • Last but not least important, you can also set player nicknames.


There are over one hundred new commands that you and other players can use in-game. For instance, the command /socialspy allows you to read all the private messages from other users.


You can integrate EssentialsX with other sub-modules to improve the game experience. These add-ons will add even more features. For instance, incorporating EssentialsX Spawn allows you to set up the exact location where players appear when they first begin to play. You can also set up the place they respawn once they’ve died.

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