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About ComicBookHeroes

Some players wish it were possible to play as their favorite character. However, this is something that vanilla Minecraft doesn’t include for copyright reasons (among others, such as maintaining the game’s uniqueness). However, this is now possible thanks to the “ComicBookHeroes” plugin.

This plugin allows users to play as many villains or heroes taken from comic books as the name suggests. All you need to do is use the right command, and your character’s skin will change into what you’ve just used. It is a fun addition to any server, even if it only adds a simple feature to your game.

Requirements and Compatibility

It is unlikely for this plugin to work with recent Minecraft versions. It hasn’t been updated since its release date, and it has been marked as abandoned. Its development didn’t continue for too long, so that it may be extremely buggy, and certain features may not work.

It is only compatible with Minecraft 1.7.9. Unfortunately, the project hasn’t been picked up by anyone yet, and we doubt it will be expanded in the future.

How to Install

You can install this plugin by following the standard process. Here you have the steps you need to follow to get started with ComicBookHeroes.

  1. Download the ComicBookHeroes.jar file.
  2. Move it to your server’s plugins directory.
  3. Once done, proceed to reload your server.
  4. That’s it! You should be able now to start exploring the amazing features that this plugin has to offer.


This plugin allows you to transform your character into your favorite hero or villain from comic books. Most of the heroes available are taken from Marvel, but some characters from DC are included as well. The list includes heroes like SpiderMan and IronMan.

If you want to transform your character into a hero, you’ll need to type the “/hero” command followed by the name of the hero without spaces.
On the other hand, you can transform into a villain by using the “/villain” command followed by the name of the villain you want to transform into without spaces.

Bear in mind that both commands are caps sensitive. Thus, it may not work if you type “spiderman” instead of “SpiderMan.”

This plugin also includes certain items linked to these heroes or villains, including Thor’s “Mjolnir.” At first, it was meant to provide players with the full superhero experience, but it was later abandoned without further notice.

Additional Information

Again, keep in mind that this plugin has not been updated since it was created. Therefore, it is unlikely to work in your current Minecraft build, and even if you have the one it is compatible with, the plugin was never finished and may present many problems in the long term.

We encourage you to try this plugin if you want to add something different to your server. Still, we recommend keeping in mind that, as an unfinished plugin, it may be full of bugs. It can be something fun to work with for a while, though.

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