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About CombatLog

Combat or “PvP” has become one of the most entertaining features in Minecraft. It is similar to the typical FPS game, but with that MC flavor that we all like. However, vanilla Minecraft doesn’t include too many features you can use to regulate how combats work.

Over time, many users have developed several tools that help you make combats something more fair and fun. “CombatLog” is one of those plugins.

“CombatLog” will make it possible for you to punish those players that log out of the game to escape combat. This way, the battle remains fair for everyone even if they quit the game without further notice.

Requirements and Compatibility

You don’t need to install any dependency or add-on to get started with CombatLog. However, please keep in mind that it may not be compatible with newer Bukkit versions. Only four builds have been released so far, and they’re all compatible with MC 1.12 and below.

The project has not been marked as “abandoned,” so there’s hope for more builds to become available in the future. However, you can keep using it in the following MC versions: 1.7.4, 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12.

How to Install

You can install “CombatLog” once you’ve finished the standard installation process. Here you have all the steps you need to follow to complete it:

  1. Download the .jar file.
  2. Next up, move it to your server’s plugins folder.
  3. Restart your server.
  4. The plugin should be working as of now. But, first, verify if the features it adds to the game are functioning correctly.


All the features this plugin includes are tied to the configuration file. It only has a few commands available. So, you can take advantage of the permissions available to manage it even further. Here’s what you can do with “CombatLog”:

  • It has a straightforward configuration file. Everything is well-explained, so you shouldn’t get lost while trying to understand it.
  • You can customize the messages the plugin sends.
  • If there’s a feature you don’t like, you can always disable it by modifying the configuration file.
  • You can use the commands “/tag” or “/ct” to verify the tag time.
  • It makes it possible to remove someone’s combat tag whenever they disconnect for reasons beyond their control, like being kicked out or lag.
  • You will be allowed to block certain commands and actions (like teleporting or enderpearls) by using a whitelist or a blacklist.
  • You can also block certain game features whenever the player enters the combat. For instance, invisibility potions and the fly mode will be disabled when the player starts battling.

The action bar will display all players’ combat tags.


As mentioned above, there are three permissions available within the plugin’s structure.

  • “combatlog.bypass” – This permission will make the player able to bypass all of the plugin’s regulation features.
  • “combatlog.reload” – This permission is granted to the operator by default. It makes it possible to restart the configuration file.
  • “combatlog.update” – This permission will check if there’s a new version available. It is granted to the operator by default and happens once you log in to the game.
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