Citizens minecraft plugin

About Citizens Bukkit Plugin

Minecraft servers are an excellent way of making a fantasy world come true, as they are highly customizable. You can use plugins for this purpose – and Citizens happens to be one of the most popular for this aspect.

All Minecraft servers include NPCs of different kinds. They bring a different atmosphere to the game and make it look less isolated.

There isn’t any limit for the use you’d like to give to the NPCs you create with this plugin. You can use them as mere decorative mobs at villages – for instance – or you can use them as information sources. It’s an excellent way of making the game experience more vivid.

“Citizens” is the evolved version of the original “Bukkit NPC” plugin. As its name suggests, it is used to create and modify NPCs so that you can make the game experience more vivid. There aren’t limits to what kind of NPCs you can create. You can use them to create shops, others to work as warp points, and so on.


For starters, your server needs Vault for Citizens to work correctly. Once you’ve installed Vault on your server, you can proceed to install it in your system. Unfortunately, it is also only compatible with Bukkit, Spigot, and Paper.

  • Forge
  • Fabric
  • Bukkit
  • Spigot
  • Paper
  • Sponge

How to install Citizens

There are two ways of installing the Citizens plugin in your Minecraft server, through the panel, and via FTP.

Through the panel

  • Go to the plugins list tab on the game panel.
  • There, use the search bar to look for “Citizens.”
  • Once you’ve obtained the results, please check the available version. You can go to the Bukkit page to see the latest version of the plugin.
  • Find the correct version, and proceed to install it.
  • Restart your server. Check if the plugin was is working correctly by entering “pl” into the console.


  • Visit the Spigot website and look for the File section to find the plugin.
  • Please select the version that matches your server and download it.
  • Once done, please go to the FTP File Access option in the main panel.
  • In that tab, you’ll see all your files. Look for the plugins directory and open it and click on the Upload option.
  • Drag the plugin you’d like to install to the correct area, and then wait until the process reaches one-hundred percent.
  • When the process finishes, restart the server and check if the plugin is working correctly by entering “pl” into the console.

Using citizens

Using citizens isn’t complicated. All you need to do is get familiarized with the commands, as most options are controlled from there. Here are some of the main commands:

  • /citizens will display all the basic information related to the plugin.
  • /citizens help will display the support page for the plugin. There are page numbers available, meaning that you should go through all of them to learn everything you need to know.

If you want to see a full list of commands with a detailed explanation, visit the official wiki for the plugin.

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