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About Chunkloader

One of the things that can be most complicated when playing Minecraft can be the titanic task of moving chunks around. Chunkloader is a fantastic tool that is sure to eliminate a lot of headaches and make your game much more enjoyable and less complex. In addition, Chunkloader is a plugin that allows you to enforce chunkloading; this means that chosen chunks will not be loaded, even when you are located far away or offline.

This can be helpful for large Redstone circuits, command block systems, and railroads. It can also be utilized to reduce lag while teleporting. Knowing and using this tool will surely save time and effort considerably. For these reasons, it is worth knowing more about it and how it works as an assistant to our game.

Requirements and compatibility

There are specific requirements to get started with Chunkloader. Before you download the latest updated file, you have to check a couple of things to validate the possibility of adding this plugin to your game. Among the requirements, we appreciate that it is necessary to have Paper, spigot, or bukkit (most recommended is paper) and a version up to 1.13. If you accomplish this requirement, you are ready to enjoy the chunkloader plugin.


As we say in the introduction, this plugin has many features and special characteristics that help us in the game. As the name mentioned, the plugin helps to move chunks and makes it easy for the task to displace the chunk through teleportation.

This plugin is an excellent tool for you to make your server even more stable than it was previously. It’s one of those “must” modules every server needs.


Chunkloader works through commands and permissions. To understand how we can apply the tool to our game, we need to know that developers frequently work in new versions of this plugin, and the commands are also updated. The most important commands are, /chunk [chunkinfo] | chunkloader.chunkinfo. This one only works with the player and shows if the chunk is loaded or not, /chunk list | chunkloader.list provides as the name indicates a list of which chunks are forced to load. On the other hand, the command/ permission /chunk toggle | chunkloader.toggle switch the order of chunks to be loaded or not.

Other commands and permission can include the possibility to create a group through the following command /chunk group create [groupname]. Also, you can delete the group, adds chunks to a group (only the player can do that), remove chunks of the group, and rename the chunk group.

Additional Information

If you meet the above requirements, you should consider using this valuable and necessary tool. The chunkloader will speed up your loading activities. Its main attraction comes from the fact that it works and is programmable even when we are disconnected from the game, being a real assistant for our game.

This plugin will also be useful for the displacement of the chunks, and the modality of creating groups of chunks is really interesting and useful.

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