About ChestShop

ChestShop is an add-on compatible with any economy plugin. It will allow players to create shops easily, without much effort. Besides providing a more comfortable way of building shops, it also provides protection for them and an anti-lag feature. It is the perfect add-on to keep the economy of your server ongoing and protected.

It is possible to integrate this module with your preferred economy plugin. But then, the developer says, “It just works!”

It won’t be necessary anymore for you to configure villagers for trading and impulse the server’s dynamics. Please keep reading to find out how to use the plugin and what other features it has available.

Requirements and compatibility

As of now, there aren’t any known issues in specific Minecraft versions, so you can safely assume it works in most of them. However, please note that despite it is “compatible with most economy plugins” via Vault, here’s a list of plugins you may want to avoid. Starting from version 3.9.2, the Reserve API makes it possible to use the module together with economy plugins.

How to install

Download the main .JAR file from the release page. Once done, please move it to your plugins directory; then, refresh your server. After that, you should be able to use all the available features.


For starters, please note that Vault, Essentials, and The New Economy are some of the plugins you’ll need to be able to use the Economy mode. If these plugins are not present, you won’t be able to use this module to its fullest.
Here are the main features that ChestShop includes:

  • Each shop you or other players create using this plugin will display all the items’ names in a clear, legible way. This way, you can make the buy-sell process more straightforward.
  • Signs can be assigned different colors to differentiate them from other players.
  • In the newest versions, a new feature has been updated. This aspect is known as a “consumption tax.” You can use it to collect a specific amount of funds from each player each time they complete a purchase; then, you can destine such funds to different projects within the same world.
  • Admins are also allowed to create AdminShops.

Commands, permissions, and configuration

This plugin contains over ten permissions but more limited commands. It is hugely simple, meaning that any person can get started in no time. Furthermore, please note that the config.yml file aspects are fully customizable. You can also modify the interface language via the languages.yml file.

You can take a look at this page of user-made tutorials about how to get started with ChestShop.

Additional Information

It is possible to impulse your economy even further with the use of this plugin. It will add several interesting features that you will be able to modify based on your preferences. Remember to include the required plugins if you want to squeeze as much juice as possible from this plugin.

This economy add-on is extremely easy to use, but that doesn’t make it insignificant. Make sure to explore all of its features thoroughly.

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