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About ChatColor

Can you imagine a life without color? Neither can we. For this reason, ChatColor emerged as a plugin to fill your chat with color and fun. This plugin will fill with color and joy each of your experiences within the Minecraft servers, with an impressive variety of colors. Similar to the color palette of Minecraft, this plugin will make your game more fun than ever.

Other features and effects are included, providing a colorful gaming experience. With more than 200 000 downloads, this plugin is a success by providing a truly entertaining game environment where fun is guaranteed.

Requirements and compatibility

As of now, there aren’t specific requirements to get started with ChatColor. However, once you download the latest updated file, you will enjoy all Minecraft colors, modifiers, and hex colors available.


This plugin contains several features that are directly related to the color of the chat and body letter, among the principal features we can distinguish:

  • You will be able to change your chat’s colors or those from other players. It’s an excellent tool you can use to differentiate people from one another even further.
  • The latest updates allow you to use hex colors.
  • Over 16 million colors will be at your disposal upon installing the plugin.
  • Think of what you want to use, and then use the commands to make it true.
  • You will have access to quite large selection of colors that will allow you to customize your server even further.
  • ChatColor allows you to select between four modifiers for each color available, expanding the catalog even further.
  • It allows personalization even further as you’ll be able to select different fonts and colors to differentiate each user.

Other Features

ChatColor offers the users a completely customizable experience, with its own GUI system, even you can build you own GUI system following the instructions, also are available two modes, the first one for normal color and the second one for hex colors, both types of color has a huge variety of color, so you can choose your favorite color for your place, you may apply all your creativity to design your chat, every aspect of this plugin is adaptable to your own desire.


You will have access to multiple commands thanks to the new ommands
There are tons of color modifiers available, starting from numbers and letters for other colors. For instance, while 0 is used for black, “f” is used for white. All of these new features will make it possible to modify even further how you and your users interact with the server, allowing them to have a more personalized in-game experience with Minecraft.

Additional Information

If you always wanted to be able to change the colors in used in your Minecraft server’s chat, here we have the perfect solution for such situation. It will add several new features that will make it possible to personalize the aesthetics of your server even further. Combine this plugin with other modules for more fun!

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