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About Changeskin

It is very useful in some cases to make a skin change in Minecraft. That is why the changeskin plugin is very useful in the game. With it, you can make these changes quickly and easily.

With the changeskin plugin, all your player can alter their skin just by using a command. The mentioned skins ought to be downloaded from the Mojang platform. This is because clients of Minecraft only acknowledge Mojang signed skins. However, you will be able to select each skin that other Minecraft players may have. Besides, you will be available to modify the standard skin to make your game more personal. In case you need to, this plugin also allows to modify the skins of the rest of the players that use Steve or Alex.

This plugin is also compatible with the latest versions of Minecraft and is still up to date. As a result, I stopped making fixed pitches. Rather, you can use development builds that are made after a change.

There are several similar plugins, but this one is undoubtedly one of the best, not only for ease of use but also for the variety of skins that you can download or copy from other players.


  • It is a very light plugin, so it does not matter if your connection is slow. You can have it in an instant. It is especially useful for gamers with little space on their computers.
  • Whenever there is an update for a skin, it will have an automatic update, which will allow you always to have the newest skin.
  • The application of the skin is very easy using the plugin and the guide. Therefore, you cannot go wrong applying the skin because it is very easy.
  • Makes use of the cache to save data that allow the use of the plugin to have a better performance.
  • There are not almost Mojang limits due to cache. The possibility of storing the information in the cache and connecting with the Mojang servers makes the use of the plugin much easier.
  • Any requirement that the player has is already included in the plugin, so there is no need for the client to modify anything in the plugin.
  • There is the possibility that the user can create a standard skin and make use of it, and in this way, return to the best-known Minecraft skins (Steve and Alex)


There are tons of new commands available within the plugin’s structure. Once you’ve installed it, all of these commands will be available for you under the /setskin branch. You can also take a look at the release page for full information about how the plugin works and everything else regarding the modifications it’s possible to implement with Changeskin.

These are updated constantly, make sure to check it out with frequency!


This plugin includes several permissions you can use to modify who can use certain features. This includes whitelist and blacklist permissions, granting you total freedom about how you can manage the plugin.

Please check the release page for full information about them.

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