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About ChairStairs

Vanilla Minecraft doesn’t allow you to sit while you’re playing. Thus, it diminishes the experience for certain players, but you can solve this problem quickly by installing the ChairStairs plugin. This way, every player on your server will be able to sit down at certain blocks.

Despite being an old plugin, it is hugely compatible with tons of Minecraft versions. Furthermore, it isn’t complicated at all to use it. It comes with default blocks that you can use as chairs, but it’s also possible to add more by modifying the config.yml file. Stay with us for a while to find out what other features are waiting for you upon installing ChairStairs in your server.

Requirements and Compatibility

ChairStairs is a lightweight plugin that will not have performance repercussions on your server. The plugin was released in 2012, and since then, it hasn’t received any major updates. However, it is hugely compatible with most Minecraft builds, either new or old.

This plugin is known to work in Minecraft versions 1.16.5 and below. However, there are certain issues you should know about. First, as a very old plugin, it doesn’t support modern blocks, and whenever you try to add them, there will be no changes. Still, you shouldn’t have any problems if you continue using the plugin with the default settings.

How to Install

Installing plugins on your Minecraft server is a simple process. Here you have all the steps you need to follow to get started with ChairStairs quickly:

  1. Download the .jar file from our website.
  2. Move it to your server’s plugins directory.
  3. Once you’re finished, reload the server.
  4. Now you’re done! You can now start exploring all the new features that this plugin has in store for you.


  • Your character will be able to sit down by making a right-click on the right block. Once you’re seated, you will see a message that tells you to press the key that allows you to “stand up.” It is the same key as the one you use to “sneak.”
  • The default blocks you can use to sit down are stairs. You can add more blocks to sit in older Minecraft versions, but this feature doesn’t seem to work in modern Minecraft.
  • You can set the plugin to ignore “upside-down” chairs by modifying the config.yml file. First, look for the “UpsideDown” value, and set it to true or false based on your preferences.
  • It’s also possible to configure the range, which is set to zero by default. This aspect allows you to modify how far a player needs to sit down on a block. If you set this number to zero, this feature will be ignored.

Additional Information

Although the plugin may present certain problems as it hasn’t been maintained over the years, you should be able to use it without problems in your Minecraft server. It is a good add-on you can use to make the experience in your server a bit more entertaining. As a lightweight plugin, it shouldn’t have repercussions on your server’s performance.

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