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About Brewery

Do you want to be able to create alcoholic beverages (potions) on your server? Now it is possible thanks to the Brewery plugin.

This plugin’s main feature is described as an “alternative brewing process” that includes but is not limited to alcoholic beverages. This new brewing process will reward you with tons of options that are able to provide you with a drunkness state that vanilla Minecraft isn’t capable of providing.

You will be able to create many kinds of potions through fermenting, distilling, and barrel-aging processes. Read below to get a better idea of how this plugin works and what you can do to get started.

Requirements and Compatibility

There aren’t specific requirements to start using the Brewery plugin. Furthermore, it is hugely compatible with most Minecraft versions, starting from 1.8 and up to 1.17. It is also compatible with four languages, including German, English, French, and Italian. You need to replace the standard configuration the plugin generates with one of the language files included on the brewery/languages/ directory.

How to Install

If you think that the Brewery plugin will make a good match with your server’s theme, you can get started by following the standard installation procedure. Here you have all the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download the .jar file from the release site.
  2. Copy or move it from the download directory to the server’s plugins folder.
  3. Proceed to reload your server.
  4. Once you’ve followed all the steps, you’ll be ready to create fantastic potions that will provide you with a unique gaming experience.


  • You’ll be able to create fun alcoholic beverages that provide a drunk state to the character.
  • The drunk character will stagger. It has effects on the gameplay and the chat.
  • If the character has drunk too much, they will wake up at home.
  • Low-quality beverages will provide debuffs, like a hangover.
  • You can make perfect drinks by refining the quality.
  • You can produce your own recipes.
  • You can configure how the beverages will influence the chat.

You can get started with the Brewery plugin by collecting ingredients. Then you can proceed to fermenting, distilling, and aging them. Another notable feature Brewery includes is that you will create your own recipes, making it possible to create a more personalized experience. The configuration file will also allow you to modify the words players send in the chat once the player is drunk!

You will be able to create liquors, potions, special drinks, and many other things that you can include in your fests or any other special event.
You can follow existing recipes or choose to create fantasy recipes with random ingredients and unique effects.

Additional Information

As a last comment, you can also configure where the player will wake up after being drunk. For instance, you can configure the Wake Up Points so that they will wake up in a cave or high on a tree, for instance. The plugin allows a high degree of personalization, which means you can set up how the players interact with the plugin’s features as you please.

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