How to Allocate More RAM for Minecraft

Minecraft RAM allocation guide

The amount of RAM Minecraft can use is critical to the game’s performance. If this is too slow on your computer, allocating more RAM to Minecraft can help. You can read here which methods are available for this and how you can change them to increase the memory used.

Use the Minecraft launcher to allocate more RAM

If you are an avid Minecraft gamer, performance is important to play without interference. If you have more problems using Minecraft, it may be because Minecraft cannot use enough RAM. So allocate more RAM to Minecraft.

If you have installed the Minecraft launcher, you can use it to give Minecraft more memory.

  • To do this, start the launcher first and switch to the “Profile Editor” tab.
  • Then click on your profile and select “Edit Profile”.
  • Check the box next to the “JVM Arguments” entry, insert the command “-Xmx [RAM to be allocated]” in the text field next to it and replace the “RAM to be allocated” placeholder with the new size of the main memory.

How to Use System Preferences

Alternatively, more RAM can be allocated for Windows 10 users via the advanced system settings. To do this, navigate to “System and Security”> “System” in the Control Panel and select the “Advanced System Settings” option. Then click on the “Environment Variables” button and create a new variable with the name and value “_JAVA_OPTIONS”.

Repeat these steps in the “System Variables” area and save all changes made by clicking on “OK” and “Apply”.