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About BedWars

BedWars refers to the development of a classic category of the plugin in the open universe of Minecraft. More than a plugin, Bedwars is a game that follows destroy the opposing beds, defend your own bed and defeat the opposing players.

A simple but highly exciting game that will fill you with adrenaline from start to finish, what seems innocent as a bed game, quickly transforms into an epic battle where only the best players can triumph, the real challenge for users is to manage to stay on their feet after such tough battles. Despite this hostile environment, fun is guaranteed.

Requirements and compatibility

To fully enjoy this game without problems, you must have a version higher than 1.3, supporting version 1.16. If you meet these requirements, do not hesitate to enjoy this wonderful game.


The newest characteristic of the game includes:

  • A huge variety of extras and items bring to the game an exciting gaming experience.
  • Graphical displays allow a better player’s overview inside the game.
  • Inserted short chat messages
  • Clear Score Board provides a full view of the current game at any time.
  • Map reset
  • Fully automatic mode

Among the features, we can remark the internal shop and a GUI system to complement the store.


To understand and run this plugin, it is necessary to comprehend how the commands work, so here you can find the principal to start the travel to this adventure land called BedWars

/bw help to show all commands, /bw show important information about the game, also exist commands to implement during the fight in the arena for e.g

/bw leave, for leaving the game, /bw reload, when you try to reload the configuration and /bw add [name] to creates a new game.

External Plugins

External plugins are supported whit BedWars. These plugins allow you to turn into other players to avoid being recognized, receive players points for winning or defeating a play, receive players points for winning or defeating players, the possibility of play in the lobby Money-Plugin for rewards.

And other so amazing things, this classical game maintain his dominance into the plugin’s world by its good game and all the emotions that users can feel during the play. Players also have the possibility of customizing their game and gain awesome prices.

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