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About BarAPI

BarAPI is an API you can use to create other plugins. Thus, it doesn’t work on its own. It doesn’t add too many “remarkable” features that operators may find useful. It is a tool for developers, instead.

This plugin uses reflection. Thus, if you use CraftBukkit, it shouldn’t break whenever you decide to update your current build.

There are other tips and information you should get to know regarding the plugin. Indeed, it is very useful, but it can take you a while to figure out how it works. So stay with us for a little while, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know regarding BarAPI.

Requirements and Compatibility

This plugin was first released in September 2013. Unfortunately, it stopped receiving updates three years later, in 2016. Thus, it is only compatible with Minecraft versions 1.10 and below. However, another user-developed an update for MC 1.12.2.

It is unknown if the project will be abandoned yet, although it hasn’t received any updates in about five years. Thus, we recommend using another alternative if you’re not running on any legacy MC version.

How to Install

You can install BarAPI by following the standard installation process. After you follow the steps described below, you’ll be ready to start taking advantage of this plugin as much as possible.

  1. Download the BarAPI.jar file and place it in your plugins folder.
  2. Once done, reload your server.
  3. That’s it! You should now start using all the awesome features that this plugin has in store for you. Please read below to find out what’s waiting for you upon installing BarAPI!


As mentioned above, this plugin serves as the base for other plugins. Thus, there isn’t anything remarkable except what you build with it. However, there is certain information you should be aware of as a developer.

  • Firstly, if you want to start using the plugin, you must include it on your project build path.
  • The message you intend to create with it is limited to 64 characters. Including more than what’s specified will cause the plugin to cut it to that number. It cannot be modified as it is a client limitation.
  • There are tons of popular plugins using this API as of now. Within this list, we can include MythicMobs, Parkour, BossMessage, SilkSpawners, and many others.

BarAPI can be a useful tool for developers. However, it has no use if you’re a server owner looking to expand your server. We recommend looking at the plugins that are using this API as a base instead if you’re looking for something like that.

As an extra note, this plugin includes an auto-updater, which means that whenever a new version becomes available, it will automatically download it. Furthermore, it collects metrics due to its popularity. You can choose to disable both features by modifying the correct values on the config.yml file.

Over time, this plugin has become hugely popular. Some of the plugins that use it as a base are still active to this date.

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