Backpacks Minecraft Bukkit plugin

About Backpacks Plugin

Backpacks is a unique expansion designed to add backpacks to Minecraft without using client side mods. Completely vanilla backpacks! This add-on is the first of its kind as it adds backpacks as a product!

Yes, you can make backpacks or get them using orders. Backpacks can also be dropped on the floor, stowed in the trunk or even in another (configurable) backpack, and always keep your supplies. Backpacks are also one of the few extensions (at least I know) that allow you to see certain NBT tags on products.


  • Large Version Compatibility: Backpacks support a large number of older versions and most want more support in the future. Even if the version is not explicitly listed as compatible, try it.
  • NBT Data Logging: Backpack data is stored in this product’s NBT data (similar to how Minecraft stores data in spells). This means that you don’t have to worry about databases, settings or the like. You can even save the world and everything in your backpack will be saved.
  • Fully Functional Backpack Element: The backpacks in this add-on are like mod backpacks. They can be traded, destroyed, cloned, etc.
  • Different Backpacks: This add-on offers many different types of backpacks that go beyond just storage. Check them out in the crafts section of this page.
  • Highly Customizable – Almost every part of the backpack is customizable, including a homemade recipe! So if you don’t like the preset recipes, change the ones you made.
  • Multilingual Support: Mochilas uses its own machine translation system in its build chain, called i18nExtractor. This means that it can automatically translate Backpacks to any language supported by Google Translate. Find out on GitHub how to make backpacks in your language.


/ bp: Display help information.
/ bp help: Also displays help information.
/ bp config: Reload: Reload the configuration.
/ bp info: displays information about the plug-in.
/ bp element: info: displays the NBT data keys of the element to keep.
/ bp item: info: get – Get specific NBT key type / information.
/ bp item: give – Gives the player a backpack.
/ bp split: split the combined backpack.
/ bp Materials – Lists all element types available for custom recipes in settings.
/ bp materials: research: research of all these specific materials.
/ bp vfurnace – Lists all virtual ovens and the current location of the vfurnace repository, be it species, player repository, country, etc. Note: A virtual oven is a function of the oven below which is connected to the oven backpack.


See the plugin.yml file for a complete list of permissions (along with their default state).

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