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About AutoSaveWorld

AutoSaveWorld is a plugin that compiles multiple useful plugins within the same module. It is the perfect solution for those looking forward to managing their Minecraft server and the plugins they have installed in the same place.
At first, the plugin will only have the homonymous function activated. After that, however, it is up to you to choose what other options you would like to use.

Requirements and Compatibility

According to the developer’s note, the plugin is compatible with most builds, including:

  • Bukkit
  • Spigot
  • Mcpc+
  • Cauldron (1.2.5-R5.0 and beyond)

As of now, the plugin is on version 4.14.2.

Installation process

You can follow the standard installation process to start using AutoSaveWorld. Then, download the .JAR file, include it in your plugins folder, and it should start working without problems.


As mentioned above, the plugin includes several features that you’d usually find in separate plugins. These new aspects include:

  • All the changes made within a world by players will be automatically saved.
  • It will create backups for all your worlds.
  • Whenever you configure it, the plugin will restart the server.
  • If the server crashes unexpectedly, the plugin will restart it automatically.
  • If there are any console commands specified in the configuration file, it will execute them automatically.
  • It can show warning messages in-game. You’re also free to modify these messages. For example, it will be possible to disable broadcasts.
  • It is compatible with Multi-Worlds.

Specific Aspects

We can agglomerate all the above features in eight areas.

  • AutoSave – This function is the primary feature of the plugin. It will save any changes made within a world and a player’s inventory.
  • AutoBackup – This function creates a backup for all the worlds available within the server’s infrastructure.
  • AutoPurge – If you wish to “purge” certain data from other plugins, turn this function on.
  • AutoRestart – You can define a time to restart the server automatically.
  • CrashRestart – If the server crashes for whatever reason, the plugin will restart it automatically.
  • AutoConsoleCommand – As mentioned above, you can add console commands for them to be executed automatically.
  • WorldRegen – This plugin will start the server with a new map. However, it will keep certain territory claims if you use a compatible plugin.
  • PluginManager – Last but not least, you can use this function to add, disable or even restart any plugin by using commands.

It is possible to find all the documentation for each separate function and the plugin in general on GitHub’s release page. In addition, there is detailed documentation about configuring the plugin, which means you can get started as soon as possible.

Additional Information

AutoSaveWorld is an excellent tool that reunites several features within the same module for further comfort and ease of use. It is an excellent way of backing up your worlds and keeping certain functions within the same place, without recurring to external plugins for each separate function.

AutoSaveWorld is compatible with several Minecraft versions, which is why it is hugely recommendable to add it to your server if you don’t have it yet.

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