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About AuthMe Reloaded

AuthMe Reloaded is an authentication plugin. It is the preferred option among most users, and it’s equipped with tons of features that make the user experience more enjoyable for everyone. We recommend installing this plugin if it runs an offline version of Minecraft for security reasons. In addition, it will prevent unpleasant surprises in the future, such as hacks.
AuuthMe Reloaded is an excellent tool that’s fully customizable based on your server’s preferences. For instance, it is possible to modify all of its translations if you see too many errors or you want to edit certain messages the plugin sends.

How to install

You can install the AuthMe Reloaded plugin by uploading it via FTP. If you don’t know how to use FTP, follow these steps to get it right:

1. In your game panel, search for the FTP File Access option. It should be easy to locate on the left side.
2. Search for the plugins folder once you’ve accessed the required option. You should be able to see a list of files.
3. There, please go to the “upload” button and click on it. Then, proceed to move the plugin to the right side of the screen and wait until the process is completed.
4. The plugin should have been installed successfully.
If you’re not sure whether the process was completed correctly, you can always type “pl” in the console. The results will show you the list of plugins that are installed on your server at the moment.

Main features

There are tons of features available in this plugin. For example, as an authentication or login/register plugin, it will be possible for you to enjoy the following aspects:

• It now has available an email recovery system.
• It prevents username stealing. For instance, players that aren’t logged in cannot place blocks or enter commands.
• It also includes an anti-spoof feature. Although it is optional, it will grant you the ability to kick people out of your server with possible spam names – either too short or too long. It also includes an AntiBot feature.
• Login sessions are available. This feature allows the user to spend a determined amount of time logged in.
• The plugin is fully customizable. You can allow or disable certain commands via the config file.
• As mentioned above, the plugin is fully modifiable. Furthermore, all of its options are editable – from the settings to the messages shown.
• It now provides Two-factor authentication support.
• These and more features will be available at the palm of your hand once you’ve installed it on your server.

Additional Information

If you’re not sure about certain features or would like to learn about a specific feature, please visit this page that contains video tutorials about each aspect of the plugin. The plugin is being updated continually, but you can also have access to the newest aspects by installing the dev builds.

This plugin is the perfect tool to solve any login issue you may have on your server. If you want to make it more straightforward, incorporate it into your system today!

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