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About AntiCheat+

If you’re here, you probably know about the old AntiCheat plugin. If not, let us explain the situation. This module was discontinued after a while, and due to its excellent features, people wanted more updates. Thus, another team took over the project and had been providing support for it since then.

You can integrate the configuration files from the old AntiCheat with this new version. There isn’t that much of a difference, except for the name and the new features.

This plugin will help you keep track of malicious players and manage them quickly. It can detect hacked clients, for instance, so you can immediately take action to prevent hackers from damaging your server and make it a terrible place for everyone else. Keep reading to find out what other features are waiting for you with AntiCheat+.

Requirements and Compatibility

Please note that this is an outdated plugin. Its premise is very attractive, but it isn’t recommendable to trust it in the long term. It is available with older Minecraft versions – 1.7.9, specifically. It is unknown if it works in other builds, but as of now, it would be best if you tried a different anti-cheat tool as this one may not be able to block modern hacks and trainers that may diminish the experience for everyone else.

If you want to use a good anti-cheat plugin that’s still being updated, we recommend using AntiCheatReloaded.

How to Install

Installing plugins on your Minecraft server is a simple process. Here you have all the steps you need to follow to get started with AntiCheat+ quickly:

  1. Download the .jar file from our website.
  2. Move it to your server’s plugins directory.
  3. Once you’re finished, reload the server.
  4. Now you’re done! You can now start exploring all the new features that this plugin has in store for you.


This plugin’s main premise is to block malicious tools that may grant players unfair advantages. This includes hacked clients and spambots, for instance. This way, nasty users can be kept on track.

What we have described above is what the plugin is supposed to do. However, again, this plugin isn’t maintained anymore. It may block certain tools, but more than five years have passed since the last build was released. Thus, it may not be able to block recent hack tools that may cause problems for everyone else on your server.

We highly recommend using AntiCheatReloaded as it still receives updates to this day. The last build was released in March 2021, and the developer is still offering support for the plugin.

Additional Information

It can be quite daunting whenever users start messing around in your server using hacks. However, you can keep them away by using anti-cheat tools like this one. Even if this plugin is currently outdated, there’s an alternative already available out there. Thus, you can keep your server protected from all those nasty users that only want to diminish the experience for everyone else.

This project is unlikely to be continued in the future.

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