About Anti-XRay

Would you like to prevent cheaters from taking all the fun and good resources? Then, install this plugin on your server. Anti X-Ray allows you to disable any external tool that allows the player to locate ore blocks easily.

X-Ray cheating is hugely common nowadays, but it isn’t impossible to prevent. You can start by incorporating this plugin into your server, for instance. It will add a limit to the amount of valuable ore that players within your server can mine. Although the average player won’t notice such things, players using x-ray tools will be blocked from mining too fast immediately.

To summarize, what the plugin does is divide the resources into reasonable amounts for each player. Keep reading to find out other excellent features.

Requirements and compatibility

The release site doesn’t specify the versions the plugin is compatible with. However, you should be able to use it with the most up-to-date Minecraft versions, although the latest update was released in August 2018.

How to install

You can install this plugin by following these steps.

1. First, download the .JAR file from the release site. Use the site provided above if your server is currently running an older version of Minecraft.
2. Once the download has finished, please proceed to include the new file in your server’s plugins directory.
3. Restart your server, and you should now have access to all the new features this plugin is capable of providing.


Generally speaking, this plugin doesn’t prevent cheating. Any player can still cheat, but it will be impossible for them to obtain all the good stuff before the average player does. Furthermore, as it adds a limit, they won’t be allowed to take more resources than they are allowed to.

Anti X-Ray doesn’t prevent cheating for a simple reason: it saves a lot on RAM consumption and CPU cycles. Therefore, it is an excellent way of preventing abuse from cheaters while keeping your server stable and using fewer resources.

According to the developer’s note, it is still possible for a player to go over the limit. However, the main goal of this plugin is to reduce the impact their actions have on other players. Thus, it is very likely that they will complain and try to convince you to allow them o bypass the plugin, for instance.

Multiple scenarios are possible, and this plugin will likely trigger some of them quickly. However, it will be easier for you to moderate such behavior and make the server more enjoyable for most users.

Catching cheaters

If you want to receive notifications each time a player reaches the speed limit for mining, you can enable the following permission, antixray.monitorxrayers or op, to receive such information. Thus, it will be easier for you to catch potential cheaters and ban them if you think it’s necessary.

Additional information

This plugin allows you to modify and receive information about how the players present in your server mine. For example, they will receive limitations regarding the amount of ore they can receive, the mining speed, and so on. It is an excellent way of making sure that everyone receives equal treatment.

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