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About Animated Tablist

Are you looking forward to adding an animated tablist to your Minecraft server? It can be a bit complicated to do that on your own, but the Animated-Tablist plugin can help you achieve what you want within a few minutes. Furthermore, most features here are customizable, which means that you can create the animated tablist of your dreams.

There are multiple features you can use to take advantage of this plugin. Moreover, it has several soft dependencies you can use to expand what you can do with this plugin. Please keep reading to find out what other superb features are waiting for you.

Requirements and Compatibility

This plugin is hugely compatible with tons of Minecraft versions. Updates for it are released frequently. As of now, it is known to be compatible with MC versions starting from 1.12 and up to 1.17 (Bukkit).

As for Bungee, there is only one version available, which explains the lack of features. Please read below to find out what exceptional features are waiting for you after installing this plugin.

How to Install

You can install this plugin by following the standard installation process. Then, follow these steps in order to have the Animated-Tablist working in your server quickly. It only takes a couple of minutes.

  1. Download the AnimatedTablist.jar file.
  2. Move it to your server’s plugins directory.
  3. Proceed to restart your server.
  4. Once you’re done with these steps, you’ll be ready to start enjoying all the new features that this plugin has in store for you.


This plugin has two variations, one for Bukkit and the other for Bungee.


  • You can create your animations and add them to your tabs (including the header and footer). This same feature applies to the animated groups.
  • Would you like to randomize the text? It is possible with this plugin.
  • You can choose how often the tab will auto-update (using server ticks).
  • It includes over 160 symbols and supports the new hex colors and custom fonts on Minecraft 1.16 and beyond. You can find more information regarding custom fonts here.
  • It’s also possible to add fake player names to the list and modify the colors.

There are tons of other features available within this plugin’s structure. You can find the full list of features plus all the commands and permissions on this page.


  • It includes all the basic features found on the Bukkit build, like animated tabs and groups. It also includes over 160 symbols, and so on.
  • The tab auto-updates pretty quickly. It only takes a few milliseconds!
  • It includes a toggle to turn on or off the tab.
  • There are more superb features available for Bungee as well!

Soft-dependencies (only available for Bukkit builds)

  • PlaceholderAPI
  • Vault
  • EssentialsX/CMI
  • SuperVanish

These soft dependencies add a few other features that expand what the plugin can do. For instance, you can add vault use a per-group tablist. On the other hand, EssentialsX and CMi allow you to add nicknames and ignore vanished players (SuperVanish does this as well).

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