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About AFK

Being AFK is one of the most common things in the gaming world. However, not all games have a functionality implemented to let other players know that you’re still in-game but are not available at the moment and will come back soon. You can incorporate this feature into your Minecraft server, thanks to AFK.

With the AFK plugin, it will be possible for you to let other players know that you’re AFK. Plus, your character will be set to the AFK status after a certain period of inactivity. This feature is optional, though. You can choose to activate it or deactivate it as you please.

Requirements and Compatibility

You don’t need any external plugin or add-on to get started with the AFK plugin. It is a very old module, but it works perfectly fine in Minecraft versions starting from 1.16 and below. Also, it doesn’t suppose a heavy addition to your server, so it shouldn’t have any performance repercussions.

As an extra note, the native Minecraft versions used for this plugin include 1.6.2, 1.6.4, 1.8, 1.9, 1.11, and 1.16. It is likely to receive more updates in the future, so stay tuned for more builds and new features to come soon!

How to Install

You can get started with AFK after you complete the installation process. Here we explain each step you need to follow to get it working in your server, which is extremely simple:

  1. Download the Invsee.jar file and place it in your plugins folder.
  2. Once done, reload your server.
  3. That’s it! You should now start using all the awesome features that this plugin has in store for you. Please read below to find out what’s waiting for you upon installing AFK!


  • This plugin allows you to let other players know whenever you’re AFK. You can do this by typing the “/afk” command before going absent for a certain period.
  • When you type the command, a message will be sent: “<playername> is now AFK.”
  • You will leave the AFK state if a player, animal, or mob moves you. Hence, the message shown above will be sent when this happens, whether you’re available or not.
  • All AFK players will have their names grey in the online players list.
  • Entering the “/afk” command or any other thing on the chat will result in leaving the AFK state. A message will be sent when this happens: “<playername> is no longer AFK.”
  • If there’s another plugin that uses the same main command, you can type “/afk:afk” instead.
  • If you want users to become AFK Time, please add the {TIME] key. For instance: noAfk: ‘{DISPLAYNAME} is back after {TIME}!’

If you’re a developer, the source code for this plugin is available. If you’re interested in reading the source code for V4.3 and beyond, click here. If you wish to read the source code for V4.2.1 and below, click here.

This plugin adds a simple feature. Thus, it shouldn’t suppose a heavy addition to your Minecraft server and should work efficiently.

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