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About AcceptRules

Do you want a tool that helps you make sure that everyone accepts your rules before they even start playing on your server? Then, we have the perfect solution for you! Include AcceptRules in your server to start making sure that everyone is following the rules and that no troublemakers are out there trying to make a mess out of your server. It is an excellent way of making sure everyone has read the rules and conditions of your server, as it contains tons of customizable features that you can accustom according to your desires.

Requirements and compatibility

We know that this is an excellent project, but the developers have abandoned it without further notice. The plugin has not been updated since August 2019, which means it is probably not compatible with newer versions of Minecraft. However, previous versions should be able to use it without problems. It is possible to start using it in older Minecraft versions without other plugins or add-ons.

How to install

You can follow the standard installation process to get started with AcceptRules. Then, follow these steps to install the plugin on your server:

  1. Download the plugin’s latest build.
  2. Move the newly-downloaded file from the downloads directory to your server’s plugin folder.
  3. Once you’ve finished, please restart the server. Then, you should be able to use all the new features without problems!


This plugin adds tons of new features that are highly customizable. This way, you can force everyone to read the rules before they start playing. For instance, the following features are useful for this purpose:

  • It will teleport the user to the spawn location only when they’ve accepted the rules. You can disable this feature. It also works on first-join spawns.
  • The plugin will remember when a determined player has “accepted” the rules.
  • If the player doesn’t accept the rules, the plugin will continue building blocks or breaking them until they accept them. You can enable or disable it on the configuration file.
  • You can forbid the use of commands for players that have not accepted the rules. Therefore, the commands provided by this plugin are not included here. You can turn on or disable this feature by modifying the config.yml file.
  • The plugin forces players to read the rules. If they do not do so, they won’t be able to accept them.
  • Players with permission or administrators will receive a message whenever a player accepts the rules.
  • It will allow the players to use commands once they’ve accepted the rules only.
  • If there is more than one page of rules, the player must’ve read all of them before they can start playing on your server.

Additional Information

This plugin is an excellent way of making sure that everyone reads and accepts the rules you’ve written to make sure that all users have a good experience while they’re playing on your server.

The best part is that everyone is forced to read these norms before they even start playing, and it enables several limitations to make sure that they have read each part thoroughly. If you include it on your server, you can trust that no one will bypass your rules anymore!

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