Welcome to Bukkit Plugins website

Bukkit Plugins is a website where you can find all the tools you need to expand your multiplayer Minecraft server. Being an administrator can be a daunting task at times, but you can make it less complicated and easier to manage with the right resources.

This website is dedicated to developing and sharing potent solutions that any administrator can use to enlarge and control their servers.

We don’t have a determined number of developers in charge of creating or updating the plugins or mods present on our website. Instead, everyone is welcome to post their projects or continue those that exist already. Furthermore, if you find a problem with one of the tools you’re currently using, you can be sure that someone from our community will solve it as soon as possible.

What can you find on Bukkit Plugins?

If there is a certain feature you want to add to your Minecraft server, it has likely been developed and posted on our website already. In addition, our website is constantly updated with new and useful tools you can use to enhance the gaming experience that the players present on your server have.

There are tons of new features waiting for you on this website. You can be sure that you will be able to build the Minecraft server of your dreams, regardless of the theme you chose.


Hundreds of developers work every day to create or enhance the already existent plugins they post on this platform. All of the tools we post here are either created from scratch or follow-ups to abandoned projects.

You can find several plugin types within our website’s categories. Some of these are developer tools, or maybe another tool that will help you add more RPG-like features to your server, for instance. The possibilities are endless. You can be sure that you will find the perfect solution for your server if you navigate for a few minutes through our website.


Mods are similar to plugins, but their structures are different. Our developers also dedicate some time to create mods that allow you to add awesome features to your Minecraft client, allowing you to expand your user experience.

These tools are more of an individual solution rather than something oriented towards multiplayer servers. Either way, all of the mods posted here are being updated constantly to be compatible with the newest Minecraft versions. As a result, thanks to our hard-working developers, new features and resources become available sooner than you expect.

Would you like us to add something new? Let us know

Don’t be shy! You can ask any plugin or mod if you think it has not been created yet. Someone will probably like your request, and you will live to see your idea become a reality in little time. Our community is full of kind-hearted people that are always willing to help out someone in trouble.

If you have any questions about our website or anything related to our offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.